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PandaPad.Com re-design

After a long hiatus, I have decided to re-design my website once again. This re-design was actually planned for 2009 however, due to my lack of drive to implement my original design, it had never gone past the photoshop stages. Now in 2011, I am please to release a fresher design to my main site. Although keeping with the same type of format as my original layout, this new layout is a lot larger in width allowing for more space to put my portfolio images. I’m still continually working out the kinks of the back-end code, however I was too excited once I had finished the initial stages of coding that I had to share it with everyone.
Please bear with some of the unfinished designed pages. As I move forward with my re-design, this will eventually branch off into the shop website as well. So stay tuned for updates.

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PandaPad.Com closing cafepress shop

After 7 years of seeing us through our initial stages of products, PandaPad.Com is saying bai bai to our cafepress shop. Read More »

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Lack of interest in guys

I could go on and on about some romance sob story with this title but my point of discussion is actually my inability (or should I say lack of interest) to draw guys, which in turn explains why my drawings consist very little of them. Don’t get me wrong, it would be fantastic if drawing good-looking guys could keep my interest (yes you can classify my preference more for Shoujo-type), and a part of me really does want to draw more of them. But my creativity stops there, and my ambition to draw more male characters becomes stumped. Why? Read More »

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Rainy Day Sketching

So while in the van going to the shopping mall today, I noticed it starting to rain outside. For those who know me well, they know I love the rain especially when it is warm outside. The rain seemed innocent enough and it wasn’t hitting too hard so to me the weather didn’t seem too bad. That was until I saw a man trying to keep his umbrella from turning inside-out from the sheer force of the wind. It was then that the realization of the actual weather outside of my safe metal vehicle seemed not so friendly… Read More »

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No Cell Phone

I’m probably one of the very few in this modern day and age (at least within my age group) that does not have their own cellphone. In all honesty, I’ve never liked talking over the phone to begin with and I’ve just noticed quite a few people have brought up this subject to me. Read More »

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PandaPad.Com Products on ArtsProjekt

PandaPad.Com products are now featured on Artsprojekt in conjunction with Zazzle! Our new listing features both products already listed and products not listed on our main shop including Tamago Pixel art and Genevieve’s Special Collection designs. Read More »

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2010 Tiger Design

If you haven’t checked what’s new at the PandaPad.Com Shops, now’s the time to take a look. Our first design for 2010 is as cute as ever as he paves the way for another New Year of fun. Read More »

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PandaPad.Com Products now on Etsy and DaWanda

The PandaPad.Com Shops is happy to announce we have listed some of the Ai-Panda Shop products on Etsy and DaWanda giving a wider network for shopping to all our customers! Read More »

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2009 Black Friday Sale!

We’ve got a lot of great savings for you in our shop starting today Friday November 27! Whether you’re in the US or ordering from our international shops, these price reductions are store-wide which allows you to take advantage of some great deals. Read More »

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Fly High

Tools: Facebook Graffiti, Wacom Tablet
Time: forgot to check X_x;
Read More »

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