Newest illustration debuting in FanExpo 2012. Trying to find a balance between painting and not losing the pencil line detailing. Normally I use the solid colour technique to acheive optimal line-emphasis like in my earlier work, however I also wanted to have a painted style to this piece.

Tools: 0.5 lead pencil, Photoshop, Waccom tablet

Morning Tides

Another collaboration piece with artist Peter Braeley using his background originally titled Glory Morning. Taking the theme of the slowly waking waves as inspiration for the girl’s dress and shawl, while contrasting the earth toned colours from the original piece with bright gold locks of hair representing a ray of sunshine within the cloudy sky.

Tools: Photoshop, Waccom tablet

Silent Chaos

First collaboration piece with artist Peter Braeley using one of his basic background sketches. The character’s arm sleeves, back straps and headgear were creating using the negatice space of the original background.

Tools: Photoshop, Waccom tablet