As sushi becomes more and more popular in today’s lifestyle, it’s important to make good choices when choosing the fish you eat. Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood WATCH Program is designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance of buying seafood from sustainable sources and helping consumers to become advocates for environmentally friendly seafood.

PandaPad.Com is honoured to have Unravel Existence featured in the Seafood Watch Sushi booklet available at the Monterery Bay Aquarium.

3 Comments to “Seafood WATCH Program”
  1. aileen |

    That’s great exposure for your artwork Genevieve! If U were nearby, I’d definitely get a copy 🙂 But gah, I’m in the Philippines, oceans away from you. Congratulations, dearie!

  2. Genevieve |

    Thanks aileen 🙂 Haha actually I don’t live near this Aquarium since it’s in California and I’m in Canada 😉

  3. i- |

    Thats a great Pic ..
    It has a very extreme relaxing and its very pretty ..

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