So while in the van going to the shopping mall today, I noticed it starting to rain outside. For those who know me well, they know I love the rain especially when it is warm outside. The rain seemed innocent enough and it wasn’t hitting too hard so to me the weather didn’t seem too bad. That was until I saw a man trying to keep his umbrella from turning inside-out from the sheer force of the wind. It was then that the realization of the actual weather outside of my safe metal vehicle seemed not so friendly…

2010-06-08 - Body Sketching 2010-06-08 - fashion silhouette
One reason for going to the shopping mall today was to join in the weekly Mississauga Sketch Session in Starbucks. Most of the time I don’t tend to sketch much haha… but lately it has come to my attention that my figures are becoming longer and more…anorexic? Did anyone say fashion designer? Let’s consider the career change in the future (it actually isn’t the first time someone has mentioned that to me). But with this round I might progress a little more with the sketch of the woman. And it was fun to just relax and draw basic figures and hang out with fellow artist friends. Sometimes you need other creative minds around you to get the juices…or java following…mind you tea is my preference.

Oh and for those who are wondering when I’ll be in my oekaki room to sketch, mention and real-time updates are posted on my twitter account so it’s best to check there.

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