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This section uses PayPal as its main transaction method. One of the largest online transaction service with a record for one of the safest transaction processes. To learn more about PayPal read more at PayPal.Com

Your Privacy
We are serious about your privacy and will keep all private information from all transactions away from any third party unless specified by law. All information transacted through PayPal will be kept confidential by PayPal and this shop.

Our Privacy
You are required to keep all confidential information given by our shop to you at any time. This includes contact information and other information that is classified as confidential.

Agreement of Use
By using this site you agree to hold no liability to this site, content, and webmaster for any damage that may be caused by using this site or services offered within this site. You agree not to use, this site or any of its content for any defamatory or illegal purposes which include spam, unsolicited advertisement and display on any inappropriate media.