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Another year means another visit to FanExpo Canada. The attendance was enormous as to be expected from one of the largest conventions in Canada dedicated to not only Western Comics but Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Gaming and of course Anime. As a participating vendor who has been attending this convention for many years, the amount of people who attend never ceases to amaze me. But with a diverse audience and the amount of venues available for con-goers, it is no wonder they grab such a large attendance each year.

I enjoyed meeting and greeting all those who came by to my booth. Unfortunately, I was unable to take a picture of all my merchandise on Saturday but a big thanks goes to all those who took pictures of the convention and myself during the weekend. I look forward to seeing you all in future conventions and I hope you all look forward to the latest and greatest of what PandaPad.Com has to offer!

FanExpo 2008 Pic01 FanExpo 2008 Pic02

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