PandaPad.Com closing cafepress shop



After 7 years of seeing us through our initial stages of products, PandaPad.Com is saying bai bai to our cafepress shop. It was a hard decision for myself as to whether to keep the shop open because it was my initial spring board shop. However, after careful consideration of the amount of vendors being offered in the front of the main PandaPad.Com shop site, and the confusion it might bring towards those shopping on the site, I have decided that it is best to finally close down this era in the PandaPad.Com shop.
It’s a little sad for myself to say goodbye because of the many years using this vendor, however I hope people will still be responsive to the many more product additions found through our main vendor zazzle, as well as my own self-run shop. I look forward to offering more kawaii and fun designs to customers of PandaPad.Com.

Be sure to purchase what you can from our cafepress shop before it’s gone. I may still feature some products through the cafepress market place, however I soon will be removing the links to my cafepress shop products on the main site. Thank you all for your consideration and support!