I’m probably one of the very few in this modern day and age (at least within my age group) that does not have their own cellphone. In all honesty, I’ve never liked talking over the phone to begin with and I’ve just noticed quite a few people have brought up this subject to me.

I find it has the worst of both worlds in comparison to emailing and talking face to face. Emailing is impersonal but you can at least proof-read your response before sending something you’ll regret later. Face to face you have personal interaction but of course you can’t cover so easily with the slip of the tongue. Now the phone is neither personal nor can you cover easily when you slip up so I find it hard to talk to people over the phone.

To carry that dreaded device around with me when I’d probably forget about it from lack of use just really has no point for me (except to use in emergencies which in that case I have my ‘family’ cellphone). So with that said, I shall stick to my lack of a personal cellphone until further notice.

Detracting away from my subject above, I’ve been sick to my stomach (literally) for the past couple of days. Nothing but soups and liquids for me since I haven’t been able to stomach anything else. The sight of the food in the house makes my stomach churn in pain.

The only conclusion is food poisoning, yet I have not eaten anything different lately. Maybe I ate something that went bad (>.<)... In any case have to take it easy for a bit but still have stuff to finish (including getting ready for the Anime North convention...). No rest for the weary...

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