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I could go on and on about some romance sob story with this title but my point of discussion is actually my inability (or should I say lack of interest) to draw guys, which in turn explains why my drawings consist very little of them. Don’t get me wrong, it would be fantastic if drawing good-looking guys could keep my interest (yes you can classify my preference more for Shoujo-type), and a part of me really does want to draw more of them. But my creativity stops there, and my ambition to draw more male characters becomes stumped. Why?

Well one reason is because their figures are so rigid… or maybe straight is a better term? In comparison, female figures can have more curve and opens up more line interest. Also I find their clothing quite restricting in style. I can think of hundreds of ways to dress up female characters (as they can interchange from both feminine and unisex type fashion), but when it comes to guys it always ends up looking the same when I try to fashion their attire (and trust me, there is no way in the world I will be making my guys wear female clothing…unless maybe for a gag…). What about the hair? Although I tend to actually draw my guys with both short and long hair, I wouldn’t be able to envision drawing something like a braided bun or big curls.

Am I restricting myself? Maybe…considering if the guy is in shoujo-style they are somewhat girly in look than the shounen-type guys, my fear might be they will end up looking like girls with no figures haha. Faces are one thing, the rest of the body and character traits are another. So for the oh so many people who are constantly asking me about drawing more guys, you’ll just have to settle with me turning them out once in a blue moon until I can fix this lack of interest for drawing them.

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  1. Miles |

    I totally know how that is I’m a guy and I find drawing girls easier for much the same reasons…. it seems like there are more possibilities with girls and I feel it allows me to be more creative and learn more…. because us guys do wear welll… tshirts, jeans and hoodies and maybe a few other things lol though you could try going to a mall or something and just watching what the guys walking around are wearing, cause I know we do seem to wear the same sorts of things, but there can be a nice diversity if you pay attention!

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