FAQ and Shipping



NOTE: the Following page is specific for the Ai-Panda shop

Can I also add products to my shopping cart from your other shops?
No, each supplier for the PandaPad.Com shops has its own shopping cart. Please check carefully as to which shop you are ordering from and read the help pages related to the shop for more instructions. Ai-Panda uses PayPal for its shopping cart.

Do you ship Internationally?
Why of course 😉

What are your shipping prices?
Shipping is calculated depending on the amount you spend.

Purchase Amount

Purchase Amount
Shipping Price
$1.75 – $9.99
$10.00 – $24.99
$25 – $69.99
$70 – $99.99

How are the above shipping prices determined?
Shipping prices include the postal service, PayPal transaction fee, envelope and any added packaging for the product.

How long does my order take to process and ship out?
Processing may take 2-8 business days depending on when the order is received, how many items being ordered and the volume of orders during the time of your order.

How do you ship?
All shipping is done through Canada Post. We do not do express shipping so depending on the stock, quantity and the time of day the order is received, you can receive your products any where from 2-10 business days (Canadian), 7-14 business days (US) and 8-16 business days (International). Please note that this shipping estimate is only for packages sent by letter-post. If your order is larger than a regular envelope size/thickness it will be sent through small package shipping and could take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to arrive (depending on your location)

Why have I only received part of my order?
To make shipping easier we may sometimes split the shipping depending on the amount of items you order. You will be informed of this if we ship your order in such a manner.

Do you only accept PayPal payment?
Yes for US and International customers. If you are a Canadian customer and would rather use money order, please go to our Contact page and fill out your order information and your specific payment.

What if I want to return/exchange the product?
That would be a shame 🙁 but if you would like to return/exchange the product you may do so by emailing along with your order invoice and your specification as to whether you want to exchange or return. ALL products must be returned in its original condition to the return address on the package before a new product or refund is processed. All refunds will be subject to a transaction fee and shipping deduction. Refunds will be charged an extra shipping fee.

Can I cancel my order?
If your order has not been shipped yet you may cancel your order and a refund can be issued (transaction fees will be deducted from refund amount)