Beware of Yourself




Don't shatter your artistic spirit because of yourselfAs artists, we will always fall subject to other people’s criticisms. However, for many if not most artists, their worst criticisms come from non other than themselves. If the artist is skilled enough to notice areas in their piece that needs work, they can fall victim to self criticism and will constantly put their work down. While everyone else may see a masterpiece, the artist will see areas where they should have done something different.

So how in the world do we protect our art from ourselves? The first thing to always remember is that no one is perfect. If you created the perfect masterpiece in the eyes of many, there will always be one to point out something different. Why? It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Therefore, to strive for perfection in a subject that is so diverse in criteria such as art, is impossible because the question would be what would you define as a perfect masterpiece? It’s hard to do such a think so stop beating yourself up over it! That is why we are constantly learning new ways to improve our skills. If we didn’t have areas in our art that needed to be fixed, we would be bored of our work because we would end up doing the same thing over again.

Secondly, fix it. The fact that you are unhappy with certain parts of it means you may not have met the expectations you had planned out in your head. Although it is from my experience that not everything that is thought up in an artist’s mind will turn out the same way on the canvas. But if you can touch up that area you notice needs fixing, then by all means do it instead of leaving it to rot in your trash bin. Many artists go back to an old piece they had produced or may not have finished and input new techniques and aspects they have learnt into it. This will allow a new variation on the piece and may turn out better than what you had expected.

Always remember that critiquing yourself isn’t bad, but don’t allow it to manipulate your determination as an artist. Even I am subject to my own criticism but the only thing I can do is to fix it on the next round and try again. It’s called the learning process…deal with it.

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  1. Eko |

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Gennie!!

  2. Tammi |

    About a month ago, we had a little discussion about this very thing at ArtBabe. I try turning my artwork upside down to get a fresh perspective on it. It is so very difficult to step away from the mental image.
    You have great info, here…Mind if I link to this blog?

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