PandaPad.Com Products on ArtsProjekt



PandaPad.Com products are now featured on Artsprojekt in conjunction with Zazzle! Our new listing features both products already listed and products not listed on our main shop including Tamago Pixel art and Genevieve’s Special Collection designs. The first product feature is our new Men’s high-top shoes to compliment our line of Women’s shoes! Currently available is the Asian Flavour design as well as the yet to be unveiled illustration Creativity Overflow.

Asian Flavour Men's High-top ShoesCreativity Overflow Men's Shoes

So what’s the difference from this shop compared to PandaPad.Com’s main zazzle shop? We will be importing some of our specialty products like shoes and posters (yes posters with more size availability and print options like canvas prints) from our main zazzle shop to our Artsprojekt shop. The goal is to feature not only specialty products but also unique designs not available on our main store. The renovations are slowing taking place but we hope to have everything imported very soon.

So if you are following us on Facebook, Twitter or any other of our vase networks, you’ll get the latest scoop on what’s new and exciting! Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest from PandaPad.Com!