About the Artist and the Site

Who is Genevieve and what is PandaPad.Com?
Artist Genevieve G. Tan

My name is Genevieve G. Tan. Born on January 27th in Manila Philippines, a Christian Chinese currently residing in Canada. A graduate of Humber College’s Advertising and Graphic Design program, I’m working full time as a graphic designer and some may say I’m a jack of many trades (and really a master of none). From graphic and web designing to illustrating and pixel art, my interest in the arts and web media constantly grows.

My goals as an artist is to not only share my faith through the work I do but to also have people enjoy my art. My interests for the Asian culture influence a lot of my designs and illustrations with a mix of inspiration from my surroundings as well as morals and principles. Being a kid at heart also drives me to design things not only for a general audience but designs and illustrations that give a cute, child-like feel.

It is said that ever since I could hold a pencil I started drawing (as recounted by my loving parents). My interest for arts and crafts grew stronger as I grew older and finally became a determination through the famous statement of “Art is just a hobby. You can’t make a stable living out of it” (coming from my same loving mother). By high school I was determined to find a career that would include art and I had later found a special interest in design and web. This was when I decided to pursue graphic design which branched out and influenced my other art forms.

About PandaPad.Com

PandaPad.Com was created around 2004 and currently houses all my creative and personal ventures in art. The name is a mix of two aspects. 1) pandas being my favorite animal 2) a pad represending an artist drawing pad. The name itself became a branding when I started my online shop around 2005. You may now see my different brands being sold online and through anime/comic conventions within the GTA area of Canada.