About the PandaPad.Com Shops



The PandaPad.Com Shops is an extension of PandaPad.Com that sells products featuring designs by Genevieve G. Tan. From anime/fantasy style illustrations to cute characters, our shops features a wide range of brands by the artist.

Our shops are a collective of different services to utilize a large range of customers, communities and product selections. The main goal for the PandaPad.Com Shops is to provide design savvy products that meet the highest standards for customer satisfaction. Mixing old and new design and illustrative styles, we cover a wide range of genres to suit your needs which make our products great to buy for any time or occasion no matter the person. We hope you will enjoy the many different product selections we offer in our different shops.

Note: Our shops do not share the same shopping cart and policies. Please read carefully all related information to the particular shop before purchasing.